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Nursing Care of the Older Adult

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This course will be open from May 21-June 4, 2018. To receive full credit for this course, you must complete all the assignments, including the course evaluation.

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Moodle Orientation Course

Welcome to the IU1 Fab Lab Curriculum Training. Before getting started with your chosen coursework, please take some time to go through this brief Introduction to Moodle. This introduction is to assist you in effectively navigating the coursework and tools within Moodle. 

  • This course is designed to provide you with the basic skills you will need to complete your course work while enrolled as a student.

“Building Your e-Portfolio” is a course created for professional educators committed to the idea of lifelong learning and reflection.  The course will focus on identifying a rationale for creating an electronic portfolio of work, independent online training in the use of cutting edge e-Portfolio tools, and the creation of an e-Portfolio framework.  Participants will be assessed using a multiple choice pre and post assessment. Scores on the post assessment must be at least 80%. They will also complete a project: the creation of an e-Portfolio which has been populated with a minimum of 4 teaching artifacts, and 4 reflections upon those artifacts.  All e-Portfolios will be graded through the use of a rubric.

Pennsylvania law now mandates that new teachers participate in a formal induction process for a period of three years.  “Building Your e-Portfolio” has been designed to give  you a flexible, 21st Century-focused learning option for completing the portfolio requirements set by the Pennsylvania State Department (PDE) in form PDE427. Through exploration of a variety of web-based tools and options, you will determine how to create an e-Portfolio in a way which best suits your ongoing, professional needs. The course will also promote the idea of gathering best practices and artifacts throughout the teaching career, and the creation of professional dialogue around those artifacts within a community of learners.  Therefore, this course would be of interest and benefit to educators at any point in their teaching career.  Finally, the course will focus on the creation of e-Portfolios using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, which will also serve to add to teachers’ skill base when it comes to the infusion of emerging technologies into teaching and learning.

“Building Your e-Portfolio” is a one credit, four week long course (30 hours).  It will be conducted online in a differentiated style, in order to address the learning needs of the adult participants, and to allow for multiple modes for reflection.  Participants will be encouraged to read, train independently in web-based tool of their choice, and to share their experiences and expertise within a community of practice around the topic e-Portfolios. Required assignments include: reading(s), discussion board participation, web-based training, pre and post assessments, and an individual final project in the form of an e-Portfolio which has been populated with a minimum of 4 teaching artifacts (1 per domain) and 4 reflections which correspond to the 4 artifacts.

Students may expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week (for the first two weeks) reading, researching and participating in online group activities.  The following two weeks (10 hours) will be utilized for completing a project, the post-test, reflections, and course evaluations.

NOTE:It is strongly recommended that students registering for this course have a minimum intermediate comfort level with technology, and have successfully completed at least one online course.

This course is online and available for 24 hours a day during the term of the course.  Participants have 2 weeks from the end of the course to finish work.

This is an online course. You will receive specific information concerning this course or workshop on the day before the start date. A User ID and link to the course site will be emailed to you at that time, there will not be any additional electronic communications before then.

Beginning Excel is for beginning spreadsheet users of all grade levels.  Participants should have some basic knowledge of computers.  Individuals will be shown through videos PowerPoint presentations, written lessons, and hands-on assignments how to enter data, navigate the Excel spreadsheet, modify a workbook, format data, use paste function formulas, and setting up a basic chart.  The final project will be producing a fundraising form.  A 20-question (multiple choice/true/false) pretest and post-test will be used for assessment.  All assignments, quizzes, and final evaluation forms must be completed before credit will be issued by the intermediate unit.  This course is based on PC format with emphasis on Excel 2007 through 2016. 

Using PowerPoint as a Multimedia Tool is a course designed for any participants looking for unique projects or teaching tools. Participants will utilize quick creations, text boxes, lists, clip art, photo techniques, masters, animation, transitions, YouTube videos, and sounds. Final Project will consist of creating a usable lesson including the techniques learned along with the lesson plan to implement the lesson. The participant may adapt their assignments to include in their final project. A 20 question pretest and post-test will be administered to assess participant's knowledge. All assignments, quizzes, and final evaluation forms must be completed before credit will be issued by the intermediate unit.

This Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership course is designed to engage school and district administrators in a series of professional growth modules focused on leadership and continuity of education in turbulent times. Participating administrators will develop and refine skills that make them more poised to tackle the next catastrophic challenge that impacts student achievement. 

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